arrow_circle_right Due to unforeseen reasons, the presentation of all remaining participants shall be held on 11.01.2024.


  1. The EEC meeting shall be held in virtual mode from 10th January to 12 January 2024 starting from 11:00 am to 4:00 pm on each day.
  2. All the participants of the meeting shall communicate through e-mail as well as through whatsapp to (Shri Satish Pandey) about their availability for participation in the meeting during the day allotted to them.
  3. Since there may be variation in exact time during at which the presentation by the participant could be facilitated, the participant concerned for the day and the subsequent day shall be made themselves available for making a presentation.
  4. All the participants are requested to login as soon as the meeting commences at 11:00 AM.
  5. Only the participants making the presentation shall be allowed to access the EEC meeting for the presentation.
  6. All other logged in participants shall be accommodated in the meeting room of the VC and shall allow access one by one as is being done in the physical interview.
  7. Once the presentation and question answer session of that participant is over, the next participant or next to next participant as the case may be, shall be allowed entry to make presentation.
  8. The participants concerned should have their PPTs ready in their system so that immediately after introduction, the participants can go ahead with making the presentation without any delay.
  9. If any untoward delay in making presentation is committed by the participant concerned that may affect his/her presentation itself because the availability of time for the presentation will be limited.
  10. Any clarifications relating to the presentation may be obtained from Shri Satish Pandey through whatsapp.
  11. Steps to enable the screen-sharing on macOS Chrome. Click here to view